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Great Britain

130 000 employees and about 250 000 seasonal workers (change from job to job so there is no exact number) work in the agricultural sector in Great Britain. The payment depends on the qualification level: The salary on levels 1 (no skills) to 4 (skilled worker) is regulated, and the salary on levels 5 and 6 is optional and concerns the management. A worker can start working on a farm without being trained but employers often train their employees themselves if necessary. Relevant skills, curricula for the agricultural industry and agricultural training are regulated by Lantra (skills council for land based industries; land based training) on the basis of the public control QCA (Qualification and Curriculum Authority). Lantra, a joint commission of employers and employees, is responsible for all agricultural trainings and certifies training qualifications. Pig husbandry in Great Britain is mainly an outdoor production.


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