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In France more than 15 000 pig farms (2005) produce pigs. They employ about 4 000 to 5 000 workers for pig husbandry. Considering that also mixed farms keep pigs the number of employees in this sector probably lies about 16 000. As there is a lack of employees, experience is much more important than a certificate for employment.

Even if there is high-quality training in animal breeding, there is no special training for pig husbandry. Only in continuative education (farm manager) a specialization can be achieved. Generally, farm managers train their employees in their own farms. But as employees often do not have any decision power their qualifications are not used properly. Consequently, the occupation is not attractive enough.

Despite the lack of qualified workers training offers are not improved but short-time training is expanded. Whereas in Brittany (an important center for pig production) the cooperation between training centers and farms prevails this is different in other parts of France.


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