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14 % of employees work in agriculture in Spain (about 500 000 employees in 31 000 farms – the biggest part is working in manufacturing) which contributes to 2.4 % to the Spanish GDP. 30 % of produced meat stems from pigs. 25 million pigs are produced each year (growing tendency). The qualification level of workers is not very high and they do not bear much responsibility. Many employees receive the state-defined minimum wage. Spanish trade unions are insufficiently organized in this sector. Consequently, they do not have much influence.

The training is organized in two sub-systems. One is controlled by the ministry of education and concludes with a training qualification. There is a national catalogue on training contents but its implementation happens on a regional level to adapt to regional needs and situations. The training happens largely in schools but practical training on farms is obligatory.

The other system addresses to unemployed. Assocations (f. ex. Trade unions, employers) are actively involved in its organization and realization. This training is financed by the ministry of labor and also offers a training to become farmer, a specialization takes place on farms later.


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