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About 30 million pigs are produced in Denmark. Most employees work in the manufacturing. Its vocational training system shows many parallels to the German one. One difference can be found in the legislative framework which determines that 90 % of the population has to have a vocational training. Correspondingly, great efforts are taken to realize this requirement. Denmark’s training system’s guideline is to be as adjusted to the need and capabilities of trainees as possible. Placement tests have to be absolved to match the best training according to the skills and capabilities applicants already have. There are different possibilities to start a vocational training, first with school or first with practical work on a farm. Generally, the training takes three to three and a half years depending on the existing qualification. Contents cover broad ranges of activities as in Germany, too.

As difficult as in the other countries, it is difficult for farms to find skilled and qualified workers due to image problems. Additionally, working conditions are tough, f.ex. the working hours, but wages are lower compared to other occupations.


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